passionate about fundraising

Your big goals are our big goals.


committed, long-term donors

Ethics, compliance and the quality of every interaction is our number one priority.


highly-trained fundraisers

Our people are natural advocates tuned in to your cause.


we’re a people business

From our head office to our field teams, our valued employees are the heart of our business.

Charity Link delivers fundraising and awareness campaigns for the charity sector through our passionate, professional and ethical way of working. We care about our clients, we’re proud to work with them and our highly trained and valued employees make it all possible.

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Thank you team!

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It’s the start of a new season (don’t we know it by the rain storms) and it's also the first official week of fundraising for our newest charity partner. Hooray!…

Are you looking for a career change?

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What’s at the top of your 'dream job' wish list? A great salary, positive culture, a clear career path, work-life balance...this list could get pretty long! Except there’s something rather important…

Are you in it for the long-term?

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There’s no denying that life has become increasingly overloaded, instant and short term. ‘Digital overload’ is now recognised as a real ‘THING’. In reaction to this more and more people…

Passionate about fundraising

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In the fundraising business, passion means so much more than just boundless enthusiasm. It’s passion for doing a difficult and important job, supporting charity partners to raise much-needed funds. It’s…


Private sites

We use the optimum blend of locations to maximise success.


Our specialist door-to-door teams lead campaigns right across the country.


We know how to engage with the public in new and exciting ways.

Charity partnerships

Our open and inclusive approach helps nurture strong working partnerships.


All fundraisers receive our industry-leading comprehensive training and continuous support.

The most important thing is to have a positive attitude.

Alex Pearce, Fundraiser

You need to be able to dig deep at times, but when you get a positive response it makes it all worthwhile.

Andy Graham, Fundraiser

You need to be able to talk to people, to like people. Have a big smile and make people want to come and talk to you.

Christine Smith, Fundraiser
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