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Are you looking for a career change?

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What’s at the top of your ‘dream job’ wish list?

A great salary, positive culture, a clear career path, work-life balance…this list could get pretty long!

Except there’s something rather important missing. It seems we’ve finally realised there is something even more crucial than the ‘perfect package.’ I’m talking about a seven letter word starting with P and ending in E. That’s right ‘PURPOSE’. Today, more people than ever are putting ‘purpose’ right at the top of their ‘dream job’ wish list.

I’ve certainly done some jobs that make me look back and think errrr why, and for what? Did I actually help create any kind of positive change here?! Except the need to update my CV…

I certainly don’t remember ‘purpose’ being banded around like it is today – as a catalyst for career change and a more exciting and fulfilling direction.

Many of our employees at Charity Link, just like me, enjoy working with the simple but clear purpose of raising much-needed funds for our charity partners – charities we feel passionate about. 

With purpose behind you – what you can achieve is really quite incredible, AND enjoyable.

Check out our career listings today.

Are you in it for the long-term?

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There’s no denying that life has become increasingly overloaded, instant and short term. ‘Digital overload’ is now recognised as a real ‘THING’. In reaction to this more and more people are limiting their screen use and even turning off their phones to escape the noise. Famously even Ed Sheeran has logged off.

Charities can’t just ‘go digital’ and hope for long-term success, not when their potential donors are otherwise digitally engaged. Thank goodness the art of conversation is not lost but becoming increasingly valued (again).

We give our Charity partners that hard-to-get air time and cut-through – personal, tailored conversations with potential donors, free-flowing dialogue with questions & answers. Thought-provoking conversations stick in the mind and create committed donors for the long-term.

And long-term is key – what Charities really need is a predictable income stream that enables them to deliver on their purpose year on year on year.

Research by the government in 2017 showed that 40% of donors donate via direct debit and that this raises an incredible £3.6 billion for charities.

So, these conversations are well worth having. Perhaps it’s time to look up from your screen and just have a chat.

Passionate about fundraising

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In the fundraising business, passion means so much more than just boundless enthusiasm.

It’s passion for doing a difficult and important job, supporting charity partners to raise much-needed funds. It’s about results, professionally and ethically achieved.

Except that these days everyone is ‘passionate’ about everything and the more a word is said, the more it loses it’s meaning – you can achieve anything with a bit of passion, right?

Not really. You won’t get anywhere without it, that’s certainly true – but when it comes to being a professional fundraiser, turning that passion into results? Is not so simple.

It’s a job that, let’s be honest, most of us would be hopeless at, so we asked our fundraisers – what really drives their passion to be professional fundraisers?

Passion for People

“I’m meeting new people every day, so I never get bored. I really enjoy talking to potential donors about charities that really make a difference”.

Passion for success

“My ultimate goal to is find and recruit committed donors for our charity partners, I thrive on that feeling of success. It just feels good”.

Passion for our charity partners

“I’m a professional fundraiser but I can’t do that well without being a true brand ambassador. I work in close partnership with our charity partners because I need to be able to educate and inform potential donors”.

Passion to persevere

“You need to have a lot energy and self-belief but that’s made easier because of the amazing charities we support – especially when the going gets tough. I really believe in the cause, so it just can’t help but come across.”

 Passion for doing things right

“There’s only one way to do things properly and that’s to the highest ethical and professional standards, every time. Working for a business that priorities that gives me confidence and a sense of pride”.

‘Passionate about fundraising’ has been our strapline for over 20 years, and it’s still right at the core of who we are.

Hello May! We’re ready for you

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What’s not to love about May? We can almost call it summer, can’t we?!

Ok, so that’s debatable BUT warm (ish) sunshine signifies only one thing at Charity Link – that show fever is here!

Our famous and flourishing British show season really starts to get into full swing in May and our venue bookings and logistics teams are maxed-out guaranteeing our charity partners an audience at some of the biggest shows of the summer season. There is buzz in the air and we like it!

Charity Link has been part of this well-loved and energetic season for years, booking space for our Charity partners months in advance guarantees unrivalled exposure for their cause. There is no better time for our fundraisers to talk to potential donors – the atmosphere is relaxed and visitors have both the time and the headspace to engage in educational and enjoyable conversation.

Our results prove that private-site fundraising is one of the best ways to recruit long-term committed donors for our charities. So, while there may be some sore feet come the end of the year,  sharing our passion for some of the UK’s best-loved charities with the warm and generous UK public makes it all worthwhile.

So whether it’s Grand Designs Live or The Great British Sewing Bee Live, maybe we’ll see you there! Enjoy.

lottery fundraising

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Lottery fundraising is just one of the ways we help drive our charity partners’ big goals.

As with all our face to face fundraising – we represent our charity partners to the highest possible standard. Our clients put their trust in us because nothing comes before ethics, values and compliance – that’s the Charity Link way. You can be assured, we’ll protect your brand – like it’s our own.

If you’d like to know more about how we support our clients with their Lottery fundraising objectives – please get in touch today.

new ways to connect

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Our trial of the latest Virtual Reality (VR) technology for Dogs Trust at The Ideal Home Show was a huge success. The immersive experience was really enjoyed by members of the public, many of whom converted to supporters after taking part.

Our fundraisers found VR a useful tool to help meet customers, spark conversations and raise brand awareness.

At Charity Link we are using more and more experiential techniques to capture the attention of supporters alongside our tried and tested engagement methods.

So, watch this space…

passionate people

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Our private site fundraising teams have boundless enthusiasm for meeting new people, which is what makes them so great at their jobs!

We are amazed at our team’s relentless energy and skill, expertly sharing their passion for our charities.

The high level of training our fundraisers receive at Charity Link combined with a natural warmth, likability and passion, is an extremely powerful combination.

Our fundraisers pride in their work makes us proud.

ready to WOW

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Here’s our latest fundraising campaign for Dogs Trust all set up and ready to WOW customers!

At Charity Link we pride ourselves on our professionalism and the way we represent our brands, so it’s vitally important that we communicate with our customers in an effective and engaging way.

Our impactful and informative stand content helps to make the right impression. Look out for our interactive challenges – educating customers in a fun and memorable way is key to our success.

If you see us out and about, come and say hello!