By 23 January 2020Blog, Uncategorised

It’s fair to say that January isn’t the easiest month for fundraising – potential supporters are still weary from festivities and are head down trying to balance out the December over-spend. Luckily we’re experts at engaging with people and keeping our energy levels up, even at the most challenging time of year.

This month we’re riding high on an extra ‘energy boost’ as 3 of our clients have made the YouGov Charity Index ‘Buzz Rankings’ Top Ten for 2019.

62 Charity brands have been ranked by asking people if they have heard of the brand and whether their feeling towards the brand was positive or negative. Scores are calculated by subtracting the percentage of negative responses from the percentage of positive responses for each brand.

In our training we employ many tried and tested methods of keeping our energy levels up and our positivity going in order to drive success for our charity partners. It’s great to know it’s working.

Well done to all those that made the Top Ten – nothing speaks louder than results.