Thank you team!

By 2 October 2019Blog, Uncategorised
multiple hands one on top of the other from people in business uniforms

It’s the start of a new season (don’t we know it by the rain storms) and it’s also the first official week of fundraising for our newest charity partner. Hooray!

It still makes the hairs on the back of the neck stand up. Even after 20 years, we still feel uniquely honoured by the trust that has been put in us to deliver.

In the whirlwind and adrenalin of it all it’s not easy to take the time to stop and think – to celebrate our successes as a business and the effort it’s taken to get here.

So, this week we are officially celebrating in the Charity Link office and thanking our people…

…for the months of hard work gearing up to this – from that very first conversation to the months of due diligence, planning, training and complex logistical operations that have followed (and continue). It’s been a slick process and coordinated effort across all our departments.

When the first day of fundraising comes, we are ready – ready as ambassadors of our client’s brand and feeling pretty proud of our own.

Recognising this moment is what will help drive many more. Thank you team!