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By 1 August 2019Blog
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What’s at the top of your ‘dream job’ wish list?

A great salary, positive culture, a clear career path, work-life balance…this list could get pretty long!

Except there’s something rather important missing. It seems we’ve finally realised there is something even more crucial than the ‘perfect package.’ I’m talking about a seven letter word starting with P and ending in E. That’s right ‘PURPOSE’. Today, more people than ever are putting ‘purpose’ right at the top of their ‘dream job’ wish list.

I’ve certainly done some jobs that make me look back and think errrr why, and for what? Did I actually help create any kind of positive change here?! Except the need to update my CV…

I certainly don’t remember ‘purpose’ being banded around like it is today – as a catalyst for career change and a more exciting and fulfilling direction.

Many of our employees at Charity Link, just like me, enjoy working with the simple but clear purpose of raising much-needed funds for our charity partners – charities we feel passionate about. 

With purpose behind you – what you can achieve is really quite incredible, AND enjoyable.

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